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September 21, 2006


Lin Gu

Many thanks for creating this platform where we can leave some cyber
footprints! For now, I have only one concern: this blog server TypePad only
offers 30-day free trial for opening a blog before charging annual price,
and I presume if without follow-up payment, the site will be simply
cancelled? If so, why don't we simply choose a FREE blog provider such as or, and even when after our trip
everyone stops blogging in this particular site, at least it can be still
there as a lovely reminder of our trip? This is my current concern, for
all your reference... and see you soon!


Hi Lin Gu,

We're going with TypePad because it has extra functionality we need - especially multiple authors. And don't worry about the site being cancelled, I'm looking after the account myself so the site will carry on indefinitely. Cheers, Maria

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